2019 Warhammer 40K Championships


Registration time: Sat, 10/12/2019 - 07:00
Day 1 start date and time: Sat, 10/12/2019 - 08:30
Day 2 start date and time: Sun, 10/13/2019 - 08:30


The Michigan GT 40K Championships are Michigan GT’s annual celebration of all aspects of the Warhammer 40K hobby.  The premier Warhammer 40K event in the state of Michigan, the 40K Championships will test your generalship, artistry, and sportsmanship.  2000 point armies will face off throughout the course of this 5-round, 2-day event, until we have crowned our champions for 2018.   Once again, the Michigan GT 40K Championships will be a Major Event for the 2018 Independent Tournament Circuit (ITC) so all players will earn points towards the 2018 ITC standings.

As always, in addition to recognizing our Warmaster (overall champion) and Drillmaster (best theme and appearance), we’ll recognize our Force Champions in each Force Category.  This year, we’ve modified our Force Category system to better mesh with the Warhammer 40K 8th edition rules.  Players will be placed into a Force Category based on the unifying Faction Keyword of the player’s most expensive detachment, unless the only Faction Keyword unifying the player’s army is Chaos, Imperium, Aeldari, or Ynnari, in which case the player will be placed into the appropriate Coalition category.  This year’s categories are:

  • Coalition Imperialis (Imperium is the only army-wide Faction Keyword)
  • Angels of Death (Adeptus Astartes)
  • Emperor’s Hammers (Astra Militarum)
  • Thronesworn (Adeptus Mechanicus, Questor Imperialis, Adeptus Ministorum, Sisters of Silence, Officio Assassinorum, Inquisition, Adeptus Custodes)
  • Coalition Chaotica (Chaos is the only army-wide Faction Keyword)
  • Warptouched (Heretic Astartes, Daemon, Questor Traitoris, Renegades and Heretics, Dark Mechanicus)
  • Coalition Aeldarius (Aeldari and/or Ynnari is the only army-wide Faction Keyword)
  • Webway Wanderers (Asuryani, Anhrathe, Drukhari, Harlequins)
  • Waaaghlords (Ork)
  • Undying (Necrons)
  • Greater Good (T’au Empire)
  • Devouring Swarm (Tyranid, Genestealer Cult)


Players should indicate what Force Category they intend to compete for when they register.  This selection can be changed any time up to and including at onsite registration.  Force Categories with less than 2 players registered as of August 30, 2018, may be consolidated with another thematically appropriate category at the GT’s discretion.


We will collect the following information at registration:

First Name

Last Name


Club/Team Affiliation (for ITC & Planning Purposes)

Intended Force Category (see list above)

Be sure to reserve your spot by purchasing your event ticket through our online web cart. Don’t delay!